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One of the things that sets our Knoxville printing company apart from the competition is that we specialize in helping you create custom printing materials. It doesn’t matter if you need a personalized banner for your business or a custom print for your home, we have you covered!

You can even think outside of the box and create your own custom wood print, set of coasters, family print, or glass table top. Your options for custom Knoxville printing services are limitless thanks to our variety of printers and talented designers.

We aren’t happy unless you are happy. That is why we pride ourselves on making sure you get the high-quality work you expect the first time!

To get started on your own tailor-made product today, upload a file of what you are wanting to make in the form below. From there, all you have to do is tell us what you want to create with the file and we will begin work on your order in no time.

If you have any questions about your upload or want to make sure that your idea comes across, give us a call. One of our designers will be more than happy to talk to you about your project to make sure that your vision comes to life!

Here is some useful information about file types:

  • EPSfile – This is your master file. It is editable in Adobe Illustrator and it is a vector file which means it can be re-sized without loss of quality. This is the file type that will be requested by most professionals.
  • PSDfile – This is just an export from the EPS file and is not editable. This file can be opened in Adobe Photoshop and has a transparent background.
  • PNGfile – This file also has a transparent background but does not require any special software to open it.
  • TIFfile – This file is in CMYK color for lithographic printing. This file may look a different color to the other file types but don’t worry. This is just because your monitor cannot properly display CMYK color.
  • JPGfiles JPG files can be opened on any computer and are for home/office use. You can import these files into Microsoft applications like Word and PowerPoint. You also receive a greyscale JPGfile, this is for Trademark registration.
  • TXTfile – This is a short document containing the font and color information for your new logo.

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Send File(s)

When sending image files, bitmap images should always be sent as jpeg files to reduce the size of the file being submitted.

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